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Watervale is home to some of the Clare Valley’s most recognised riesling vineyards, with the Ackland Vineyard being one of them. It sits predominantly on fertile red loam soils over calcium calcrete with large pockets of slate scattered throughout. At 450 to 500 metres above sea level, the vineyard often experiences quite dramatic diurnal temperature shifts in summer, leading to the retention of strong natural acids and the development of classic citrus and floral flavours.

Vineyard Coordinates: 33° 56’ 20, 52”S 138° 39’ 11, 98” E

Elevation: 450 - 500m



Cabernet Sauvignon

The Enterprise Vineyard was planted in 1969 and is located at the northern end of the Clare Valley. The Cabernet Sauvignon vines are dry-grown on red loam soils and speak profoundly of a sense of place. The vineyard is planted with both easterly and westerly aspects producing grapes with a harmonious balance between strength and elegance. The vineyard has produced all the Enterprise Cabernet Sauvignon since 1974.

Vineyard Coordinates: 33° 50’ 36.25”S 138 38’ 26.00 E

Elevation: 478m



Fortified Shiraz

Named after the local Aboriginal word for windy place and place of resting, Yertabulti vineyard is planted on the elevated north eastern ridge of the valley. The Yertabulti Vineyard produces Shiraz grapes in a league of their own, with the fruit’s distinct character and class demonstrated year in year out. The vineyard’s rich red loam soils produce Shiraz grapes with red and blue fruit characters and a plushness of texture. Wines from this vineyard retain vibrancy and a controlled sense of power.




Planted by a former Mayor of Adelaide in 1969, The Mayor’s Vineyard is perched on the eastern ridge of the Clare Valley at a cool 500m altitude. The vineyard’s calcium calcrete soils are dotted with slate and have long produced savoury Shiraz wines of impeccable elegance. The low cropping vines and cool elevation combine to create wines of great varietal characters and complexity.

Vineyard coordinates: 33˚ 50’ 38.02”S 138 38’ 52.66”E

Elevation: 506m