Our History

  • 1878 Enterprise Brewery Built

    Fanny Filgate was an entrepreneurial businesswomen, and the eldest daughter of the founding father of the Clare township – Edward Burton Gleeson (Paddy Gleeson). She constructed the Enterprise Brewery in August 1878 and was completed early in 1880. Its purpose was to satisfy the thirst of local miners in South Australia. As the copper mining industry took off, so did Fanny’s beer sales.

  • 1905 Brewery renamed to Clare Brewery

    In 1905 the name was changed to Clare Brewery and during that time, the brewery owned no less than fifteen hotels in Clare and the surrounding district. Beer was delivered over a wider area including being transported to Broken Hill by rail. The brewery was enlarged, the roof of the building lifted, the tower reconstructed, and an elevator fitted in 1913, which enabled 1,000 gallons of beer to be produced daily, 200 hogsheads per week. Shorter hotel trading hours were introduced in 1916 that led to a drop in sales, and within one year the brewery was closed.

  • 1917 Clare Mineral Waters

    In 1917, the brewery was leased and commenced trading as the Clare Mineral Waters Company, producing a range of soft drinks and cordials until 1976. It was led by Frank Bulfield who had visited Clare in 1910 on a sporting trip and liked it so much he returned to take up the role as brewery secretary in 1912. By 1960, Clare Mineral Waters had nine staff and an annual wages bill of £6000.

  • 1969 Enterprise Vineyard Planted

    Further north on a slightly warmer site, located on the Clare Valley’s famous Terra Rosa soils over limestone, is Knappstein’s Enterprise Vineyard. The low-yielding Cabernet vines of this vineyard bear fruit with incredibly bold concentration of flavour, distinctive olive leaf flavours with fine natural tannins and striking acidity derived from the iron rich soils and the limestone geology. Planted in 1969, the calibre and typicity of the vineyard has shone through consistently over time and now is the source of the single vineyard Knappstein Enterprise Cabernet Sauvignon.

  • 1969 Mayors Vineyard Planted

    Planted by a former Mayor of Adelaide in 1969, The Mayor’s Vineyard is perched on the eastern ridge of the Clare Valley at a cool 500m altitude. The vineyard’s calcium calcrete soils are dotted with slate and have long produced savoury Shiraz wines of impeccable elegance. The low cropping vines and cool elevation combine to create wines of great varietal characters and complexity.

  • 1971 Ackland Vineyard Planted

    Knappstein’s Ackland Vineyard was planted at the cool altitudes of 420-450 metres overlooking nearby Watervale township. Its east and north-east facing aspect protects the vines from the prevailing winds off the Great Southern Ocean. Thus whilst capturing the full afternoon sun to develop strong lime and citrus flavours the high natural acids are greatly enhanced by the cold night-time temperatures of this altitude. The slate and shaley rock abundant in the Ackland vineyard soils play a crucial role in the aromatic development of the Riesling, whilst the delicate floral nuances are unique to the handful of vineyards within this Watervale area.

  • 1974 Enterprise Winery established

    The Enterprise brewery building was established as a winery by the Knappstein family in 1974 and was known as Clare Enterprise Winery. It later became known as The Knappstein Enterprise Winery.

  • 2004 Enterprise Cabernet Wins Duel International Trophies

    The 2000 Enterprise Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon wins international trophy's in the 2004 London International Wine & Spirit Competition.

    The Warren Winiarski Trophy for World's Best Cabernet Sauvignon - 1st Clare valley winery to win this trophy

    The trophy for the Best Australian Red Wines - 1st Clare Valley Cabernet Sauvignon to win this trophy

  • 2020 Knappstein Wines Today

    Steeped in history and synonymous with the Clare Valley in South Australia, Knappstein is located in the heritage listed Enterprise building. Producing wines with personality, we showcase varieties the region is famous for. We are proud to represent our region, by producing world class wines from varieties that have time and time again proven themselves, not only thriving when the conditions were favourable, but standing the test of time. Having some of the best vineyards in the region, we are dedicated to a 'distinguished vineyards' philosophy. 

  • 2024February 7th

    2024 Celebrating 50 years of Knappstein Wines

    Knappstein Wines is celebrating its 50th Anniversary, with celebrations planned throughout the entire year. Reflecting on the many individuals who have enriched Knappstein Wines with their care and contributions is immense. We look forward to paying respect to and honouring those who have laid such strong foundations and helped shape Knappstein Wines into an icon of the Clare Valley.

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