Knappstein Sustainability

Knappstein takes a natural approach to viticulture, with particular attention to sustainable practices and reducing environmental impact.

Knappstein is a certified member of Sustainable Winegrowing Australia and works hard to ensure we achieve minimal impact on its surrounds whilst supporting sustainable practices at a viticultural, winery and office level. Extensive undervine mulching, the use of livestock for winter weed control, and the introduction of biological fungicides significantly reduces Knappstein's environmental footprint.

Based on a long-term sustainable approach, Knappstein has a key interest in soil health, vine nutrition and biological activity. Finding solutions to viticultural problems with reduced chemical applications is a real focus in order to maintain a balanced, natural biodiversity. 

Knappstein has been able to reap the rewards of this careful cultivation of its prized vineyard sites. The company will continue to invest in the natural environment to ensure a sustainable future for winemaking in the Clare Valley.

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